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Simatupang, Togar M., White, Angus J., "A policy resolution model for knowledge acquisition in quality management", Journal of Total Quality Management, Vol. 9, No. 8, Dec 1998, pp. 767-779.



Changes in organizational life force senior managers to rethink constantly their solutions to managerial problems and to examine the whole process to accumulate knowledge. The integration of policy and practice as a response to change whereby the policy-makers seem to accept mind-shift while preventing mind-set is explored. The objective is to find a new direction in quality management by challenging existing policy through changing construct reality in mental models. A policy resolution model is proposed to reconstruct reality based on the theory of constraints. The first process of policy resolution is appreciative policy aimed at generating supportive policies. Interactive policy is the second process, which provokes participants to buy-in the change process based on appreciative policy. Dialogue is introduced as a process to acquire knowledge in a policy resolution model. Thus, the policy resolution model allows senior managers to examine continually organizational practice and portray a realistic picture of organizational performance that will satisfy the needs of the inquiry and offer ways for improvement.

Keywords: Policy Resolution; Knowledge Management; Quality Management; the Theory of Constraints.